Changing a culture?

There are exciting happenings here in Germany!  The German people are embracing my book and some are even calling it “ground breaking”!  I have had friends, neighbors  and my husband’s colleagues, who have read the book, tell me how it has affected them.  Not just the sadness and triumph of the story but the honesty of events and feelings that I wrote about and how it has made them think differently about the situation.

While the German culture is very warm and personable once you get to know them, they can seem a bit standoffish, because of their reserved nature/culture.  Which leads me to share the praises that I am hearing from them.  I have been told of feelings of inspiration, being moved and/or being invigorated by my willingness to expose my inner most feelings during the time in which the book portrays which led them to start the conversation of letting people “move on” when the need arises.   And they can do so without shame or fear of judgment.

It was one of my book’s enthusiasts who then gave me the name of a gentleman, Werner Pies, who, before he retired, would endorse and promote works by artists and/or writers in the area and told me to call him.  Mr. Pies and I spoke briefly on the phone and after hearing what the book was about, he asked that I bring a copy of it so that he may read it.  We then made arrangements to meet that following Saturday.

We, my husband and I, met Mr. Pies and the moment I saw him I felt at ease with him.  He was a distinguished looking man who had a jovial heart and an apparent (by the collection all over his home) love for art.   During our meeting he then told me he would read the book and discuss it with some contacts he had in town.  One of the contacts was with the local high school.

He explained that by high school, the students would have had several years of English and they were always looking for interesting books to read in English, especially if they could have a reading and question and answer from and with the author!  I was excited at the prospect.  I know a high school may seem like a strange platform to want to have my book promoted, but I look at it as one of the best opportunities to engage and begin the conversation that I feel my book is trying to arouse.

If young adults can read and experience what I was for Eric and his family, perhaps they will, and can, embrace the idea of a support partner for anyone during their difficult journey with their sick and dying loved one.  If people begin talking about it, the subject may lose it’s “taboo” and be less of a sensitive or controversial subject -which is the main reason for me writing the book in the first place.

I’ll keep you posted as to the outcome of my meeting with Mr. Pies and his “contacts”.  Keep your thumbs in!*


Tami  🙂

*Germans tuck their thumb in under their fingers just as Americans cross their fingers.

2 thoughts on “Changing a culture?

  1. My experiences taught me that I needed to tap into all resources available to me. I look forward to reading about your experiences.


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