Controversial to say the least…

My book, “Bleeding Hearts” (to be published 01/2015) is about the journey I took with my, now husband, who’s wife (at the time of our meeting) was in a nursing home suffering from Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

My position in his life was controversial; although not to his family who supported his effort to find support and companionship during this despairing time, it was controversial to others looking from the outside in.  But controversial or not, it was the journey I felt I was destined to travel.  What I learned could be a blessing  to Alzheimer’s patients (in the early stages of the disease), their spouse/partner, family members and any person supporting any of the people involved.

Since my experience, I’ve learned of other people in the same situation as we were in.  And because society deems it wrong, there is a huge amount of shame that goes with the role I played in my husband’s life at the time his wife was still living.  For this reason, I wrote a book of my memoirs during this time.

I am no author, but I am a story teller.  I put my story to paper and had the manuscript professionally edited with the praises of the editor/author (published many times over) that this was a story that needed telling to rid the world of the pain and shame in situations like this.

With this blog, I hope to open dialog for those who are in or are facing this most difficult time.  To give support and aid in ending the shame felt by all those involved.

until next time…hugs


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